Pledge Of Ethics

Pledge of Ethics

Genevieve Faulk, President of Bayshore Geriatric Solutions, is a member of both the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers and the National Association of Social Workers and therefore upholds a Pledge of Ethics and a Code of Ethics. The following is our pledge to our clients

We will provide ongoing service to you only after we have assessed your needs and you, or a person designated to act for you, understand and agree to a plan of service, the results that may be expected from it, and the cost of service.

We will base our plan of service on goals you, or a person designated to act for you, have defined, and which enhance the decisions you have made concerning your life.

Our first duty is loyalty to you. We will always provide services based on your best interest, even if this conflicts with our interests or the interests of others.

We will end service to you only after reasonable notice. We will recommend a plan for you to continue to receive the services as needed.

We will not substitute our judgment for yours unless we are acting in the role of your guardian, appointed by a Court of Law, or with your approval, or the approval of someone designated to act for you.

We will hold in trust any confidence you give us, disclosing information to others only with your permission, or if we are compelled to do so by a belief that you will be seriously harmed by our silence, or if the laws of this State require us to do so.

We will refer you only to services and organizations we believe to be appropriate and of good quality. We will fully explain to you any business relationship we have with any service we propose, and give you information on alternatives, if at all possible, so that you, or a person designated to act for you, can make an informed decision to accept or reject the services we recommend to you.

We will strive to ensure cooperation between all of the individuals involved in providing service and care to you.

We are fully qualified in our profession to provide the services we undertake. We continue to improve our skills and knowledge by participating in professional development programs and maintaining certification and licensing in our profession.

We will not promote or sanction any form of discrimination.

This page was taken from the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers website with their permission and is copyrighted.  For more information please visit

In order to view the Code of Ethics Bayshore Geriatric Solutions upholds, please visit  National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.

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