Geriatric Services 

Geriatric Services

As Bayshore has grown we realize the necessity to ease the challenges of activities of daily living for our clients. We strive to maintain the health and well-being of our clients in a manner that is most comfortable for them, while keeping their environment safe and secure.

Geriatrics In-Home Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation

The comprehensive assessment and evaluation is conducted by our professional geriatric care managers in the convenience of the older adult’s home or family member’s home. This home visit includes an assessment and evaluation of the older adult’s areas of strength and areas of need. An individualized care plan is then developed based on the in-home assessment; referrals are made to needed supportive geriatric community resources, and the coordination of these services is handled by our geriatric care managers. Examples of supportive geriatric resources can include, but are not limited to the following: personal care services, home making services, home health services, home delivered meals, adult day care, live-in assistance, respite care services, medical equipment, transportation arrangement, escort to necessary appointments, maintenance of home, social engagement and activities, 24-hour personal emergency response systems, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and financial management services.

One of the many services provided by Bayshore Geriatric Solutions, Inc. is an In-Home Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation. The in-home comprehensive assessment and evaluation is completed to create an individualized care plan for the client. Our comprehensive assessment and evaluation includes obtaining psychosocial, legal and financial, medical, physical and mental functioning, and environmental information. Using this holistic approach, our Geriatric Care Managers are able to provide a completed evaluation with recommendations to improve one’s safety and quality of life. A sample comprehensive assessment and evaluation is available upon request.

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Office Consultation

Counseling, education, and support can be provided to family members regarding aging issues and concerns in an office setting. Office consultations are arranged by appointment only.